Getting Our Kicks (Part 3)


The view towards Tulsa on Route 66

Our room was reasonably nice. When I had undressed and laid down on the bed I was transported back in time to the friend of a friend’s basement and the lone busted spring mattress on the floor for “unsupervised fun”. It was not very comfortable. We could both feel the individual broken down springs digging into our sides, backs, hips, legs and arms. Nothing the earlier mentioned mattress had inspired in my younger self was going to happen here. We laughed at how uncomfortable it was.

Mike discovered that the motel did offer a breakfast. I woke early looking forward to blueberry muffins. We went to the front desk area to discover the “bounty” that lay before us. I had clearly gotten my hopes up. Clearly. There were plastic shelf units on the counter that contained mini powdered and chocolate covered donuts. There was another plastic shelf unit containing the bulk biscuits you get from Sam’s Club or Costco with a hand written note on how to heat them in the microwave. A crock-pot was at the end of the counter with sausage-less gravy for the biscuits. They had a juice machine with apple and orange juice. I reluctantly selected the apple knowing that the orange juice from these machines is often more pith than juice (bitter and very sour). I opted instead to drink a $1.00 12 ounce can of Pepsi from the vending machine after watching a chunk of unidentifiable matter land in my cup. He went to town on his biscuit with cream gravy sans sausage. I grabbed a very green banana, thought better of it and then settled for a half dozen of the chocolate covered mini donuts. Mike gave me shit for being “prissy”. I explained it wasn’t prissiness it was disappointment plain and simple. I had expected a traditional continental breakfast with muffins, bagels, cereals, milk, juices and fresh fruits. I’m aware that we were not at the DoubleTree and that I should have been grateful for the minimalist version of continental breakfast we got. I was glad the chocolate covered mini donuts were fresh and they did hit the spot.

While we were munching on the slim picking breakfast, I grabbed a bunch of pamphlets from the brochure stand. We began discussing where we thought we would go from here. I had noticed from perusing the map on my smart phone that we were just a few miles from the original Route 66. We looked at the other ideas from the stand. It seemed to us that we were getting a call from the mother road to examine what she had to offer. So, it was decided we would head towards Miami, Oklahoma and zig through Missouri, then back to Baxter Springs, Kansas on our way back home. We would be racing a storm system on it’s way to the East so we opted to take this route instead of our intended visit to Mike’s cousin in Arkansas.

We piddled around in the room looking over guides and examining websites to figure out our path along 66. We began to load up the bike for our departure. I had to do some personal “emptying” before we took off. The door to our room was open because we parked the bike right outside our room and I gave no thought to shut the bathroom door. As I was attending to personal business I heard Mike talking to a man outside our room. He was asking to gather towels. I hollered “That’s not a good idea right now!” He told Mike he spotted my leg and abruptly turned around. Yikes!! Oops.

We got on the bike after it was loaded up and began to head out. I told Mike he had to take a left but he said it was a right that would take us to Route 66. He said “There’s a QT up ahead and we need to grab something to drink for the road. We can ask there so you can see I’m right.”

At the QuikTrip I learned he was right.

To Be Continued . . .



8 thoughts on “Getting Our Kicks (Part 3)”

    1. I gave Mike a ton of shit for it because the Motel 6 next door had a hot breakfast buffet for their guests but we got to have a smoking room where we stayed. I don’t know if the Motel 6 offered smoking accomodations or not but we are learning that it is a rarity to get a smoking room in a hotel or motel. Usually the crappier the motel the more likely we are to get a smoking room. I was okay with the bad donuts they did the job. More money to spend on souvenirs. 🙂

      1. I travel a great deal for work, like you I still smoke. I want my smoking rooms also. I know all the hotels that still offer them. It will be a bad day in paradise when I can’t smoke anymore.

    1. It is and this time was especially fun because I am getting more comfortable on the bike. Mike is an excellent biker and he makes it easy for me to relax and let go of my fear.

      1. Hats off to you and Mike! I rode on the back of a bike just once, it was hair-rasing but also such a blast and unlike anything else. Maybe downhill skiiing is a bit similar. It’s great reading your adventures.

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