I Love A Good Meme Just as Much as the Next Guy But . . .


I have seen this on my Facebook newsfeed many times and each time it angers and offends me to no end.  This is a dispicable piece of seperatist propaganda designed to rally the middle class in arms against people on welfare.  Firstly, it offends me as a lover of dogs because I know the connotation is negative and they as a species are not deserving of such negative views.  Secondly, it pits brother against brother, sister against sister in a way that is simply cruel and unnecessary.  It makes several assumptions that are simply untrue.  I will attempt to address them  here.

  • The first assumption is that welfare is a pleasure that people aspire to be on.  No one and I do mean no one runs to the welfare office thinking “Yippee!! We get welfare!” 
  • The second is that welfare is a means of attaining wealth.  Wrong, again.  Welfare is not profitable, for anyone.
  • The third is that people on welfare keep popping out children without fathers to gain more benefits.  No woman on welfare says “Yeah! We got another welfare check coming, I’m pregnant. WOO!HOO!”
  • According to fair.org the average number of children in homes recieving AFDC benefits is 1.9 hardly the 6 or 8 Fox News, the woman who posted this meme on my feed and this meme would suggest. If you don’t believe me go here: http://fair.org/extra-online-articles/five-media-myths-about-welfare/
  • The fourth is that people on welfare are lazy.  The requirements to maintain your benefits are a job in and of itself these days.

What follows is the discussion I had on Facebook with the poster of this disgusting meme.



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Tamara Nichols “if you don’t want your tax dollars to help the poor, then stop saying you want a country based on Christian values. Because you don’t” John Fugelsang
This meme is exactly what’s wrong with our country. It is disgusting judgemental hate-mongering crap. If you honestly believe that it is a picnic to recieve assistance then I suggest you quit your jobs and give it a try, Nobody says “Yeah! I finally qualify for welfare!” Nobody. Just stop for a second and realize that you are comparing our brothers and sisters to dogs (which, in my opinion, isn’t a bad thing when you truly look at dogs as a species) but the connotation is a negative one intent on keeping people from focusing their attention on the ones that actually have their hands in our cookie jar.

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Roxanne Bayard There is a difference in lazy and in need. To have 6 kids, have never worked a day in your life when there is nothing wrong with you other than being lazy. But when you expect me to pay for your health care, your groceries, your rent, your baby food and formula all while you stand in front of me in the grocery store with the wad of $100 bills you pull out your bra and more jewelry on than I could ever I afford I have a big issue. I have no problem helping those in true need, I have a big problem with lazy.

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Tamara Nichols How can you tell the difference? We all fall short. We are all unworthy. Remember WWJD? Who are we to judge? Perhaps, this hypothetical woman is a Catholic widow? Or simply a Christian that doesn’t believe in abortion? Even if she could find a job, it wouldn’t pay her child care bill. What if?

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Roxanne Bayard Come to New Orleans, I will show you the difference quickly

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Tamara Nichols Next time you’re @ Walmart ask your cashier how she feels about having a full time job and still being on welfare. I’m just saying that I’m dumb enough to know I don’t want to make a judgement call that isn’t mine to make. I find this meme personally offensive because I know it to be propaganda that’s meant to keep our country up in arms over an issue that has little to do with what is really happening in the USA. It is your right to think & feel what you want about our brothers & sisters but it is this kind of separatist propaganda that got a nation to turn it’s back on an entire population of what Hitler deemed as “undesirables”. We need to mindful of what we put in our hearts because it can lead to powerful results either way.

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Roxanne Bayard Again the difference of in need and lazy. The walmart cashier trying to make a living I don’t mind helping, the lazy person sitting on the sofa all day baby making that is more than capable of working I have a problem supporting.

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Jack Russell Don’t. I. Wish.

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Tamara Nichols Perhaps they are depressed & feel defeated by the attitudes toward them? We cannot pretend to know & understand what each of us goes through on a daily basis. Then again perhaps we should round up all “lazy” people & do away with them. Maybe if we subsidized abortion, stupid people couldn’t make babies & live a life of luxury on our dime. Truthfully, the majority of America’s budget goes to help corporations pay bonuses to keep their executives in the life to which their accustomed & to defense spending. Those drones don’t go out and kill without maintenance and programming. Just things to consider.

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Tamara Nichols Let’s not forget how much our congressmen bring in annually in benefits & salary. There was a time in this nation their wage was tied to that of the average farmer from their district. I’d like to see us get back that to solve our budget issues. They’re hoping we won’t know about that from our history.

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Roxanne Bayard Not getting into a political debate.

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Tamara Nichols You posted it. It offended me & I was hoping to enlighten you as to what you are perpetuating. If after understanding that it is separatist propaganda meant to keep us fighting amongst each other rather than coming together & dealing with the real problem.

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Tamara Nichols You continue to support it. You at least know what it is you are supporting.

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C’mon people.  We’ve got to at least be internet savvy enough to make the connections here.  We have people in power that are spoonfeeding us propaganda about “the other guy”.  We have to be smart enough to see that it is a slippery slope we cannot afford to go down.  This is the exact type of behavior that Hitler engaged in to “remove undesirables” from his “perfect nation”.  I know much of us received public educations.  I did and I’m dyslexic.  I see the red flags and they are huge.  We really can’t continue to forward such cruelty onto our children and their children.  After the poor are eliminated, who’s next?  The other guy?  How many other guys between us and their agenda?  We need to wake up from our Game of Thrones, Kardashian, Voice slumber.  I welcome educated debate but will not tolerate the spread of seperatist propaganda.  Any takers?

For more information check out this article on Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting:


I hope you wil find it as enlightening as I did.






17 thoughts on “I Love A Good Meme Just as Much as the Next Guy But . . .”

  1. The argument continued :

    Tamara Nichols check out this link for the facts on the welfare system in the UShttp://fair.org/extra…/five-media-myths-about-welfare/

    Five Media Myths About Welfare

    1. Poor women have more children because of the “financial incentives” of welfar… See More.

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    David Mapes “WWJD?”

    Well, taking a bullwhip after some lawyers and bankers isn’t out of the question. (Yes, it’s in the bible) So how bout we follow in Jesus’ footsteps?

    Also, nobody is calling *every* welfare recipient lazy. And using an actual government link, not one spun to address only certain issues (perceived or real) is just generally bad for arguments.

    Now, let’s look at the bigger problem. We’re here on facebook, arguing over semantics, while our congressman’s pockets get fatter on the dime of the bankers and corporation owners… all because they further perpetuate laws to destroy the middle class, and make everyone feel guilty for being in a position THEY PUT US IN!

    Yes, some people are just lazy. But FFS, can we stop turning everything into a political “let me show you how smart I am?” grandstanding episode?

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    ..Tamara Nichols I wasn’t grandstanding but okay I’ll bite. Just how smart am I? I’m 42 and am sitting on FB getting all bent out of proportions over a cartoon that someone posted that I find offensive. BOA will most suredly take my home anyways.
    The best option I have and should of taken was to unfriend but I’m a hopeful idiot. I thought that maybe I could sensibly discuss something that seems to be on everyones lips that I have an opinion about. My bad. I;m better off with the blinders my society has provided me. Back to the TV. Thanks tho’. FFS This was an exercise in futility bcuz we have little to no control over the situation anyways. I think I’m done grandstanding. Thanks for yours it was definitely enlightening. I know I’ve probably overused that word tonite but I’m not that brite in the first place. Thanx again, tho’ 🙂

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  2. If i were to post all of the ichorous pus i encounter in everyday life, my blog-pages would be one long, viscous, putrid river. So-called ‘memes’ entire function is to give piddle, and downright malignancy the air of reflection. ‘Memes’ betray quite accurately what most people actually believe but have learned they mustn’t say. They are a great relief to me when in weak moments i am occasionally tempted to relax my comfortably misanthropic pose.

      1. Don’t apologize, Sweetheart. That ‘meme’ is mean, stupid and just plain out-a-line. I could care less what people think of welfare, you don’t make jokes like that, and you don’t compare people to dogs (as much as i love dogs and hate people), you just don’t.
        So you lost your cool, and posted some dimwit’s barf, ’cause it t’d you off. It can happen. Nice that that kinda numb-skull twaddle makes you angry. Most people aren’t even bothered by it. If your ever in Berlin i’ll buy ya a cup of my favorite cocoa.


        Aunty B.

      2. Thank you, darling. I hope to get the chance to take you up than that cup of cocoa. It’ll have to be laced with a little frangelica or chambord, though. 🙂 Probably both, I realize that’s overkill but that’s how I like my cocoa.

      3. We’d have to bring it ourselves, but the idea isn’t half bad. I like the cocoa from the place down the street. There are lost of spices in it like cardamom, and coriander, and chilis. You put the frangelico in yours and i will just sniff. I like me some weed every so often, but i don’t do booze anymore. Just kinda got tired of it. But it is like cigarettes, i still like the smell of it in moderation. I used to put a bit of Black Forrest Kirschwasser in my Cocoa. It is a bit of an old maids habit, but i delish.

      4. Sounds delicious. 🙂 Hubby and I are planning a trip to Colorado to get our weed fix on. still illegal where I live. Damn prudes. 🙂

      5. Middle of the road here. Own small amounts for private use okay, but you cannot sell. Berlin police have better things to do than to go after a few pot heads. Never got why it was out-lawed in the first place. Maybe cause they thought they couldn’t make a buck off of it. Darned if i know.

      6. Reefer madness and all that bs. Me either. As much money trouble as they have here, you’d think everyone would legalize it. But the privatized prisons over here make a lot of money imprisoning the poor over here and potheads are an easy target. They move slow if at all. Hahahaha. It’s stupid really. I don’t buy any of the stuff local because it is all crap and I am terrified of ending up in our justice system.

      7. I am aware of the changes in the US legal system. They wanted to try some of that stuff here, but it is 20 years to early. Maybe the next generation will be more open to that sort of Dickensian horror.

        Saw an uproarious t-shirt on a young kid the other day, sort of a 1950s movie poster with blond lounging with a doobie in her hand. The caption read “Marajuana-Girl. She sold her body for drugs and kicks!” I nearly peed myself.
        Saw an uproarious t-shirt on a young kid once, sort of a 1950s movie poster with blond lounging with a smoking doobie in her hand. The caption read “Marajuana-Girl. She sold her body for drugs and kicks!” I nearly peed myself. Now, when i come home from a romp with some strapping fellow, and my partner gives my that sly smile that says, „Did you have a nice time, Dear?“ i occasionally use the phrase (though i could never be bothered with ‘drugs’), and we always get a good laugh out of it.
        My second grass anecdote, and then i’ll shut-up … When i became a German citizen years back, i had to give up my US citizenship, and so i was at the consulate finalizing the paperwork. As i went to sign the documents, the funny little pink man, who looked like a piglet in last year’s necktie. says to me in that tone that only men who have learned ‘proper’ English in the US military have, “You do realize, that you may now be prohibited from entering the Yu-nye-ted States?!” Without looking up i snapped in my supercilious, East-Coast fag drawl, “I am not planning to go to the US again. But yes, is suppose i might be, if i were a convicted criminal, or the like.” I looked up from the papers briefly, his incredulous, little, lashless eyes widened in horror, and he blustered, “… or if you were ever apprehended for the possession of Ma-rah-waw-nah!!!” I signed the papers, thanked him an left.

      8. Oops – if it is important i will have to rely on you to edit-out the double 1st paragraph. Horrible habit using “the other day” for anything that happened in the past even if it was 5000 years ago.

      9. Don’t worry I did. Those had me laughing my ass …oops it’s been gone for a while anyways, nevermind. When I was working at a casino I found a small baggie of weed in the parking lot on my way to the car. I didn’t smoke it because it was laying on the ground and I didn’t know what was in it. It didn’t have much of a smell. I think it was really old. Oh well, Colorado here we come.

      10. I held onto it for a few weeks going back and forth over smoke it or not. I finally just threw it out. I did not want any weird sh** from it. You just never know.

  3. I run these types of conversations all the time on my own wall, eventually I simply shut them down. They are simply circle jerks with people holding true to their own views and never wavering. The illusive ‘welfare queen’ of Reagan’s fantasy has never left our conversation, he told the story, though proven false time and again the Right has held firm. Those of us on the other side of the argument, we sit ever hopeful facts and compassion combined will change hearts and minds, though proven wrong time and again we remain ever hopeful.

    It doesn’t change yet we continue, all of us to have the debate.

    1. “We” complain about the damage bullying does and yet “we” perpetuate the thing “we” espouse to not want in our society. It is truly maddening. Simply maddening. I unfriended and blocked the offender. I can’t maintain even an acquaintance type FB relationship with people who are so cruel. She runs a charity for dogs and saves them from a highkill shelter in her area. I was truly shocked when she posted this evil meme.

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