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Our Midlife Crisis

It amazes me that one instant can alter the course of your life so severely. Looking back to before our adventure began we were drowning in despair and heartache. It wasn’t always that way for us. We were blessed with a beautiful family and we worked very hard to get a home in the country. This home was what we thought would ensure our future, make us whole, etc.. After all, it was the American dream. Then came the financial collapse and we were caught in a struggle to save what we believed to be our only purpose, home ownership. We were clinging to what we believed was our only real dream. We were at the whims of the courts and the bank. We were simply shells. Going through the motions of living and struggling to keep what we felt made us complete. There are no regrets for our circumstance. We mourn only the energy wasted on languishing in our own misery to keep what might not be ours to have.
Then he saw an ad for a really cheap but nice motorcycle. I had never been on one before but knew that Mike had grown up on a dirt bike and missed that feeling. This one small purchase removed the sword of Damocles that hung heavy above us. Whatever happens with our original dream happens. The real life we are living on the bike is what matters to us now. We live and die by the trip.
I never understood the fascination with sitting on top of a motor on wheels flying down the road. I do now. It is hypnotic, euphoric and sublime. I have known nothing that is as intoxicating as a ride on the bike. I’m strictly a bitch in the bitch seat because I can’t wrap my mind around being able to command such a powerful beast into following my lead. I’d much rather wrap my arms around my man and enjoy the ride.
That is what this blog is about. Our adventures on the road, the instant friends, the weird moments, the potholes and the unusual detours. I call this our shared midlife crisis because we’re both at that age [you know our kids are leaving the nest ( well technically, they should leave but are no longer our legal responsibility and whatever they do to the house, they do)]. Don’t get me wrong, we love our girls but we did have them early in life and suffered for it in order to come out on the other side young enough to enjoy our post-children lives.
That age I spoke of is 40 and 42, respectively. It still blows my mind that just this one thing opened the door to a world that we are ready to discover. The odds have always been against us. We met when he was 16 and I 18. We are members of Gen-X. We had our children young and have only the school of hard knocks to thank for our education. We really, according to the statistics should not be together. I am also awestruck that we have discovered a new, and exciting hobby (ala midlife crises) together. He didn’t go out and get the bike for himself. We got it together.
We are learning who we are as adults without children and finding out that we really did hit the spouse lottery. It was all entirely by accident. I couldn’t be more grateful. It is in the stretches of highway when all you can hear is the mixture of wind and motor that I marvel at the life I have with him. I am a total pussy when it comes to heights, speed and anything that would logically lead to pain. So, my nature makes me adverse to the motorcycle world. It is only the fact that every atom of me has faith in him that I dare sit on a motorcycle.
I’ve learned in this last 6 months of riding that fear has a larger hold of me than I had thought. Fear is still a large part of my decision making process but when it comes to Mike and the bike, I choose Mike and the bike over all. I know the reward far outweighs the risk when it comes to Mike and the bike. I’ve also discovered that we are both gypsies at heart. Fellow travelers, wanting only to envelop the soul of the road, needing only to dance with eagles and horses. We have embraced the world as our home and have embarked on a journey of discovering its many rooms. I look forward to having you all along for the ride.