Dark Day On The Farm

It lied to us, the brightness of the spring sun
It gave no impression of the clouds to come
Not a hint of guard becoming prey
Not even a glimpse of how dark a day

Tyer, I wrote this to honor the memory of your friendship and the sacrifice you made for our family. You crossed the bridge too soon. You crossed it as a handsome hero. We are grateful for your friendship and service.

The sun made his muscles appear fierce
The sun gave shadow to his predators
The cool wind guided predator intent
To the stalwart nose that found the scent
Yet no inclination of loss this way
No foreshadowing of this dark day

I, the rooster spotted his heckles up
I knew this red warrior from a pup
He called all us chickens in
None of us knowing he could not win
All of us hiding behind the hay
Witnessing the events of this dark day

Their teeth shone beneath the black fur
Our red warrior had faced them before
This time it was two to one
This time our old friend would be gone
This was the predators way
The demise of our friend on this dark day


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