Nobody Wants To Be Noble

The noblest of all flowers. The rose
The noblest of all flowers.
The rose

Nobody wants to be noble
Intoxicated by fame
Shifting the blame
Focusing on the game

Nobody wants to be noble
Seeing only the charm
Ignoring the harm
No one sounds the alarm

Everybody wants to be known
Blowing their horn
Displaying their form
Ignoring the forlorn

Everybody wants to be known
Setting up the fall
Clamoring up the wall
Disavowing us all

Everybody or nobody
Nobody and everybody
Noble and known
Known or noble

Are we that gullible?
Is existence that shallow?
How far the hurtful?
How hidden the mallow?

Is it ever everybody?
No shimmering, hidden minority
Is it ever nobody?
No soft voices given authority

Nobody ever, everybody no
How will it show?
Everybody no, nobody ever
How goes the endeavor?

Nobody is noble
We are all feeble
Everybody is known
We are far from grown


5 thoughts on “Nobody Wants To Be Noble”

      1. You and I are in similar places, it is hard for me to start sharing mine. I decided one a week, whether from my journals or new. As I get more comfortable, maybe more but for now one a week.

      2. I still struggle with sharing or not sharing. The only thing that pushes me is the fact that I’m tired. Exhausted, in fact, by pretending that the things I see, know, and hear aren’t so. I am also tired of living a life that isn’t my own. A life that steals what I want to do out from under me. I want more than anything to be a published writer. The truth is I have been published, I just wasn’t satisfied with what it was and where it didn’t get me. I am so aware that I am chasing a dream that might not have been mine in the first place. My blog is just a way to keep lying to myself about my writing being worth something to someone other than myself. I know that is all so very defeatist but it is what it is. We each do the best we know how to do for the time and circumstance. I try to post as often as I can because I’m afraid people will lose interest. And it forces me to sit down and do what I love.

      3. I understand all of those, each and every one of them. I write for a variety of reasons, most of them my own and having little to do with anything other than my internalized needs.

        “doing what I love”

        I think you shouldn’t worry about people losing interest. Do what you love, the rest follows.

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