Hunger Pains

Kobe and I flew on buffalo wild wings to dine
We ordered a scotch and sirloin
While watching 5 guys fight with a red robin
Ryan’s friendship with Montana Mike was tested at the village inn
He went southeast carrying out the godfather’s whim
All the way through the outback
We ventured up and down the timberline
I tripped on a red lobster and fell in Joe’s crab shack
Noticing the beacon for a subway
I headed to old Chicago with my friend Logan
We talked of little Caesar
I spotted krispy kreme on Logan’s face
He said “I’m lucky it wasn’t on my chi-chi’s”
I replied “Great thing it wasn’t on my Yaya”
Oh, no! It fell between my red rock canyon
I’m just thrilled it didn’t burn my furrs or we would have needed to go back
Hometown for Doc Green to be one of our heroes


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A couple biking their way through the US and self discovery

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