I remember an America that used to be free

That didn’t try to protect through hypocrisy

Perhaps I’m just a revisionist

I could swear in my youth freedom did exist

I recall sleeping in the back window of a Buick on long road trips

I don’t recall congressional and judicial censorships

It was not a pay to play system

Now poor citizens play victim

Bankers and businessmen play thieves

Politicians laugh while the pauper grieves

Homes were not stolen

Our democracy was golden

Now the “crats” are beholden

I remember when it was my decision

Now we struggle under their derision

This land was your land,

This land was my land

The banks have foreclosed on California to Staten Island

Canada to Mexico

Homelessness the status quo

When freedom returns let me know

I wonder if this bothers

Our long gone forefathers

That we have a plutocracy

Disguised as a democracy

I remember when we were free

Free to be you and me

At least, I think I remember this

Or maybe, I’m just a revisionist

I voted


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