The Art of Being a Victim

Helpless, hopeless canvas

Forever running without purpose

Oh, wait.

You have a purpose

To drive everyone around

Into your sullen world of despair

Don’t you ever tire of the nothingness that controls you>

Justify to all your hollow existence

Hide behind the brushes of your ill intent

Always depending on the kindness of strangers to sustain

Eternally seeking to remove the stain your kind makes

Withering under the crushing fist of fate

All that has been given means nothing

All you have is subject to the whims of others

Thousands of others

That despise your being

I despise you

Your lack of ability to do for yourself

What you expect others to do for you

Your willingness to take continuously juxtaposed

With your harsh judgment of those who give to you

Oh, poor victim

Poor, sweet innocent

Trapped in your inequity

Lost in your role as the lowly of lows

I pity you

Your eternal state of scheming,

Attempting and condemning

Continue your condemnation

Continue your victimization

Peace will forever elude the victim

Hiding within the crimes you commit

Against all, including yourself

Thus further cementing the perpetuation

Of victimization



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